Your company doesn’t need an "expert" telling its leaders what to SAY OR do.

But… what if your executives and key leaders had the strategy and support to show up each day and present as the confident, competent, and convincing communicators your organization needs them to be?

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Step into Your Moxie® Training

All of our training addresses the interrelated skills of vocal empowerment. While many communication and leadership development programs look at confidence, presence, and what to say, Step into Your Moxie® experiences support participants to create an empowering inner voice, get comfortable with uncomfortable physiological sensations that come up when speaking, practice sculpting and delivering high-impact messages, develop authentic presence, and use communication that moves people to take action.

Fractional Chief Learning Officer Services

Whether you are a growing business without a dedicated trainer or your small training department lacks an experienced, senior-level talent development leader who liaises with your C-Suite to ensure training aligns with the skills required to achieve your business goals, our Fractional Chief Learning Officer (CLO) services enable you to choose the level of learning support you need so you can build and sustain a world-class workplace learning culture.

Healthcare Communication

Poor communication is one of the greatest contributors to sentinel events in healthcare, negative patient reviews, employee turnover, and burnout. Our coaching, training, and messaging services can support your medical practice or healthcare organization to better develop and retain employees, minimize conflict and crisis communication, and ensure your physicians and healthcare leaders are first in line for visibility and thought leadership opportunities.

Team Building Events

Step into Your Moxie can be your partner to conceive, design, and implement unique and memorable events that bring employees together, increase cohesion, and promote creativity and innovation. From hosting a TED-style speaking event where employees share their “ideas worth spreading,” to innovation sprints that fuse improv and design thinking, to devising original pieces of theatre with one or more of your teams, we know how to bring teams together for one-of-a-kind team building experiences.

Executive Communication

Most organizations have some form of a communications strategy. However, too many organizations are less strategic when it comes to executive communications—particularly if they don’t have a Chief Communications Officer. We can help your company develop and implement an executive communications plan, level up your executive’s communication skills through coaching and training, and prepare your senior leaders for thought leadership opportunities. Through our Messaging Studio, we can also co-create dynamic messaging, craft presentations, and white papers, and if your in-house team is stretched, you can outsource your company newsletter or publicity to us.

Professional Development for Teachers, Administrators, and Support Staff

Step into Your Moxie president, Alexia Vernon, began her career in professional development, and we love bringing our vocal empowerment training to K-12 schools. In our signature training, your teachers, administrators, and support staff will discover the 5 components of vocal empowerment, learn how to use improv, role play, design thinking, and devised thinking to amplify students’ voices, explore the benefits of project-based learning (PBL), and identify opportunities to infuse curriculum with meaningful vocal empowerment experiences.

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“I have had the honor of having Alexia speak to two of my Vistage groups… tremendous sessions. At a recent graduation of one of the cohorts, several of the graduates specifically called out Alexia and her session on 'Executive Presence' as a very impactful session that assisted them in their leadership growth. I highly recommend that you consider Alexia, and learn more about Step into Your Moxie, so you can amplify your executive presence and voice.”

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