Professional Development for Teachers, Administrators, and Support Staff

Schools need to focus on interpersonal skills so students develop emotional intelligence, empathy, cooperation, negotiation, leadership, and social awareness.

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Most educators, whether they work in schools or in traditional companies, poorly develop their people’s communication skills.

Sometimes they neglect this area, prioritizing more traditional subject matter expertise.

Or, if they provide communication training, they over-emphasize communication confidence and skill-building.

They fail to get to the root of why most people don’t consistently use their voice—because they don’t know how to play nicely with the uncomfortable thoughts and physiological sensations that arise when speaking.

Step into Your Moxie programs address these two critical areas as we also help adult learners to improve their verbal messaging, physical presence, and use their voices to move people to take action on their ideas.

What is Step into Your Moxie’s approach to professional development for teachers, administrators, and support staff?

Alexia Vernon

Step into Your Moxie president, Alexia Vernon, led arts-based professional development programs for New York and New Jersey educators prior to starting her own company.

She has seen firsthand how too much professional development for teachers, however well-intentioned, fails because-

At Step into Your Moxie, our professional development for teachers, administrators, and school staff focuses on one of the most important skills for adult and student success—vocal empowerment.

And… our professional development is as wickedly fun for participants as it is impactful for entire school communities.

Integrating improv and role-play, design thinking, devised theatre, and ample opportunities for participant sharing and feedback, by the end of our 1-3 day, highly experiential Professional Development for Teachers, Administrators, and Support Staff, your participants will


Plus, by being up on their feet and engaging in each activity they learn, participants will improve their interpersonal communication and presentation skills, deepen relationships with colleagues, and discuss and troubleshoot the real challenges they face.

Educators will also have time to plan how they will incorporate what they have learned into their upcoming lessons and projects.

No more professional development experiences where learning doesn’t transfer into action!

We hope your school administrators and support staff will participate alongside your teachers.

When entire school communities participate in our vocal empowerment training, everybody develops a shared vocabulary, an expanded communication skillset, and a greater commitment to continuing the work after the day is done.

We Can Also Lead Vocal Empowerment Experiences Directly with Your Students


We can support your students to find their voices by using their voices through


  1. Choice fuels our use of voice.
  2. Structure sets creativity free.
  3. Everyone has something to say. (It’s our job as educators to create the opportunities and psychological safety for them to say it.)
  4. Role play is the pathway to vocal empowerment.

Through our Professional Development for Teachers, Administrators, and Support Staff, and direct student vocal empowerment experiences, we’ll help your school to create a culture that supports vocal empowerment for all!

Your Next Steps

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2. Select your best program(s).

3. Create a school culture of vocal empowerment.

“Alexia’s workshop was a shot in the arm for how to engage, empower, and enlighten young learners. The training was activity based and opened up many doors for collaboration and creativity! Thank you!”