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Are you a coach, trainer, or therapist who empowers clients to speak up for themselves and the ideas and issues they’re passionate about?

Do you support employees to speak with confidence, deliver powerful presentations, give actionable feedback, or close more sales?

Do you show women or members of marginalized groups how to advocate for themselves and their communities?  

If you answered YES to any of the questions above, you could be the perfect fit for Step into Your Moxie® Certification.

Why Should I Get Certified?

Whether you have your own consulting business or you support employees, women, or marginalized community members in a more traditional j-o-b, you likely are driven to help others speak with confidence, clarity, and conviction because your journey to voice has been… complicated.

Maybe you have a history of tap dancing on eggshells as you strive to be liked, give the right answers, and you contort yourself into whomever you think other people want you to be.

Maybe you have spent much of your life hustling for outward approval. You know you were born to make a big, positive impact. But you often find yourself using your voice to go after visibility and leadership opportunities in order to feel significant.

Maybe loved ones, educators, employers, and society have judged you because of where you were born or what you look like. You feel like there is a glass ceiling for your success. As a result, you’ve played small and lost sight of your authentic voice. You yearn to speak up and serve your way while addressing systemic oppression that hurts others like you.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could change your communication with yourself and the communication you put out in the world?

And, in the process, positively (and radically!) help other people step into their moxie?

What is Step into Your Moxie® Certification?

Step into Your Moxie® Certification is designed for coaches, trainers, HR professionals, helping practitioners, and business and community leaders who want to develop the mindset, skillset, and experiential, plug and play curriculum to help people find their voice and develop the confidence to use it.

Step into Your Moxie® Certification gives emerging and established leaders (like you!) a proven system, rooted in role play, and facilitation mastery to show your clients and employees how to grow their voices by using their voices.

The result? You will leave Certification empowered to lead your own Step into Your Moxie® experiences that show people how to walk into any room, conversation, or onto any stage and speak up for themselves, their important ideas, and call people to take action.

Delivered as a comprehensive, 3-day live training institute (with half-day virtual workshops bookending the in-person training experience), through the Step into Your Moxie® Certification experience, you:

How Can I Use Certification?

Step into Your Moxie® Certification will allow you to stand out in the marketplace and consistently lead transformational experiences for others.

Through our training that fuses self-empowerment with social justice, you will also know how to use your voice and influence to be an ally to marginalized populations – and show those you work with how to do the same.

You get to use your Certification in your business or in your company multiple ways. You can lead Step into Your Moxie® curriculum as standalone virtual or in-person coaching or training experiences. You can integrate specific Step into Your Moxie® curriculum stacks and activities into your existing programs. You can utilize our coaching prompts and activities in your developmental conversations. Or you can do all of the above!

Whatever you choose, you get to keep 100% of the revenue you generate from leading Step into Your Moxie® curriculum. You also don’t have to renew your certification, and you won’t pay any ongoing licensing fees.

Who Should Get Certified?

Here are some of the audiences Step into Your Moxie® Certification was designed for.



HR Professionals

Team Leaders

Employee Resource Group Leaders

Sales Consultants




Public Speakers


Social Workers

Nonprofit Leaders

Community Organizers

Healthcare Workers

What’s Included in Step into Your Moxie® Certification?

Total Value: $15,000

Your Investment: $3497 $3247 (or 4 payments of $849) 

About Alexia Vernon

The Step into Your Moxie® vocal empowerment system and platform were created by speaking expert, Alexia Vernon.
Dubbed a “Moxie Maven” by President Obama’s White House Office of Public Engagement for her unique and effective approach to communication and leadership development, Alexia has taught thousands of leaders, and those who develop them, to slay diminishing self-talk, cultivate communication confidence, speak with moxie, go after visibility opportunities, and make a positive social impact.
With a background in women’s studies, social justice, drama education and improvisation, Alexia is masterful at creating inclusive learning spaces and showing emerging through established leaders how to get up on their feet, role play their communication, apply their learning to real-world situations, give and receive actionable feedback, and transfer their insights into action.
Alexia has contributed to media such as CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS,,,, European Business Review, and Women’s Health Magazine. She is the author of the award-winning book, Step into Your Moxie: Amplify Your Voice, Visibility, and Influence.

Praise for Alexia Vernon and Her Programs

“Alexia is an incredibly skilled and talented coach, speaker, and facilitator. In her program, I met some of the smartest, successful people from around the world. Her program completely exceeded my expectations in terms of the content delivered and the value it added to my life and business. She is truly brilliant at her craft and goes above and beyond to ensure you are successful.”

Ashley Mielke

Founder, The Grief & Trauma Healing Center

“Alexia is a powerhouse. Her coaching style is soft yet deep. She will cuddle you when you need cuddling yet she will always tell you the truth and push you to take action and get the results you came for. She makes sure you are speaking and leading with your own style, voice, and personality.”


CEO, Rave Strategy Studio

“Alexia has a way of combining solid business advice and mentorship with a sensitivity and humanness to one’s personality and purpose. One conversation with Lex helped me negotiate an extra five-figures of revenue [for a corporate engagement]. Working with Lex has been an amazing experience and delightfully exceeded my expectations.”

Jill Castle

Childhood Nutrition and Feeding Expert

Ashley Mielke

Founder, The Grief & Trauma Healing Center


CEO, Rave Strategy Studio

Jill Castle

Childhood Nutrition and Feeding Expert

“Alexia is a master at bringing together an incredible group, pulling out their best, and helping them shape their speaking style. I was floored at the transformation she facilitated in one weekend and highly recommend her work.”

Nathalie Lussier

Founder, AccessAlly

“Alexia is a brilliant coach, intuitive mentor, and wordsmith. As a psychologist, I’ve seen a lot of people connect with their clients, but I have NEVER seen anyone as gifted as Lex. Working with Lex I got overwhelmingly more than I expected because she is so brilliant.”


Psychologist and Family Empowerment Coach

“If you want to improve your public speaking skills, increase your influence, and explore opportunities for personal and professional development, participate in one of Alexia’s programs.”

Sarah McCrea

Retired Deputy Fire Chief, Las Vegas Fire & Rescue

Nathalie Lussier

Founder, AccessAlly


Psychologist and Family Empowerment Coach

Sarah McCrea

Retired Deputy Fire Chief, Las Vegas Fire & Rescue

Upcoming Certification Intensives

Step into Your Moxie® Certification

Las Vegas, NV
april 2022

Step into Your Moxie® Certification

Las Vegas, NV
november 13-15, 2022

Your Next Steps

1. Submit your application.

2. Choose your Certification dates.

3. Successfully complete Certification.

4. Lead Step into Your Moxie® experiences and grow your visibility, impact, and revenue.

“With Alexia's help, my speaking evolved into that of a woman who is vulnerable, yet articulate and inspirational. I use my Moxie skills to lead workshops with entire school communities, speak at national conferences, inspire others to articulate their individual core values, and make a difference.”
Sandi Herrera
CEO, Got Core Values

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