Fractional Chief Learning Officer Services

According to the Association for Talent Development (ATD), companies that offer robust training programs experience a 218% higher income per employee than companies without formalized training.

Yet too many small, growing businesses, firms, and creative agencies fail to provide ongoing employee training, or they hire a trainer who is an industry expert to deliver mandated compliance and technical training.

As a result, too many employees from entry-level to executive don’t have ongoing access to development opportunities. Too often, they don’t possess the skills required to achieve their company’s business goals. And furthermore, senior leaders find themselves more involved in day-to-day employee management than they can afford to be.

76% of employees say that a company is more appealing if it offers skills training to staff (Axonify’s State of Workplace Training Study), and 59% of millennials say that development opportunities are extremely important when they decide whether to apply for a position (Gallup).

Yet, a Chief Learning Officer or VP of Learning and Development can be an investment of $100,000+ per year, and that’s not including benefits or the coaching and training team to implement their recommendations.

By partnering with Step into Your Moxie, your company can have access to a Fractional Chief Learning Officer (CLO) and the people development you and your employees need to achieve your organizational (and their individual) goals.

Our customizable, cost-effective Fractional Chief Learning Officer (CLO) services give you the level of Step into Your Moxie consulting, coaching, and training support you need.

We can help your executive leaders and employees by—

How we can Help


  • Yearly workforce learning needs assessment
  • Monthly or quarterly skill development employee training
  • Semi-annual CEO or executive team retreat
  • Monthly executive coaching and team coaching sessions
  • Communication and leadership assessments
  • Yearly team-building events

Investment options begin at $997/month.

Many small business executives work with a business coach or join a mastermind, but too many neglect their ongoing leadership development and fail to regularly develop their team members after their initial onboarding period.

Step into Your Moxie wants small businesses, firms, and agencies to have access to the ongoing people development opportunities most larger corporations provide their staff. 

Through our Fractional Chief Learning Officer services, businesses of all sizes can ensure executives, rising leaders, teams, and frontline, often remote staff upskill, flourish individually and as team members, and co-create a culture they want to be a part of—and clients want to buy from.

Your Next Steps

1. Submit an interest form.

2. We assess your learning and development needs and share our consulting, coaching, and training recommendations.

3. Upskill your workforce and accelerate the achievement of business goals.

“Everything about Alexia’s facilitation style knocked my socks off, but what stands out most is her innate ability to meet each person exactly where she is and gently move her toward achieving her goals. Companies who participate in her programs will gain employees who are better speakers, better coaches, better negotiators, and better leaders – able to grow the potential of others in their organization.”
Lynn Barboza
Former HR Manager, City of Las Vegas