Healthcare Communication Services

According to a recent Hospital Survey on Patient Safety Culture, 65% of respondents were afraid to ask questions when something did not seem right.

Medical staff also struggle with speaking up. They frequently report the fear of disapproval and outright retaliation by more senior leaders, as well as the fear that nothing will change, as key reasons to stay silent.

It’s vital for healthcare organizations to provide ongoing training for physicians, nurses, and other medical staff to speak up for patient safety and for their own mental health and well-being.

At Step into Your Moxie, we are passionate about supporting healthcare organizations to develop high-performing staff, improve communication and workplace culture, and stand out positively online and in the industry.

Through our coaching, training, and messaging services, we can support your organization to:

Healthcare Communication Services
  • Retain your best employees (i.e., physicians, nurses, and administrative staff)

  • Create a culture where employees and patients can safely ask questions and speak up

  • Develop employees who communicate with clarity, confidence, competence, and compassion

  • Give employee feedback that leads to positive behavioral change

  • Improve your patients’ experiences

  • Identify and articulate your differentiators in website and marketing copy

  • Develop communication scripts for front office staff

  • Create compelling educational videos and social media content

  • Book podcast interviews, speaking engagements, and other thought leadership opportunities

Plus, our president, Alexia Vernon, can deliver a keynote at your upcoming medical conference or employee event!

Healthcare Keynote Excerpts

“Alexia spoke at our conference with great effect! She was incredibly easy to work with from planning through execution, and she skillfully addressed what I thought was a difficult training topic in our program. But the dynamic content and expert presentation skills she brought to the 200+ person audience were very well received and inspiring. Thank you, Alexia!”
Aron Khoury
Director of Supplier Diversity at Medtronic

31% of clinicians globally and 47% of U.S. healthcare workers plan to leave their current role by 2023.

Elsevier Health’s “Clinician of the Future” global report

The good news is that retention rates rise 30-50% for companies with strong learning cultures.


Whether your organization desires a keynote, employee training, or ongoing medical staff and messaging support, let us remedy your communication struggles so you can stay focused on what you do best… serving patients.

Your Next Steps

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2. We assess your healthcare communication needs and share our recommendations.

3. Improve your organization’s culture and communication.

“Through our training, I learned a lot about how to use my voice in uncomfortable situations with doctors and patients and to keep my feedback specific, timely, behavior-oriented, and the right kind of personal. This was one of the best trainings I’ve ever attended, and the role-play exercises were particularly helpful.”
Sunrise Hospital