Team Building Events

As more employees work remotely, it’s vital for companies to provide periodic, in-person opportunities for their people to come together, without screens and distractions to-

At Step into Your Moxie, we help you engage and, as a result, retain your employees by designing and facilitating novel team building events that lay the foundation for ongoing team and company success.

With our focus on vocal empowerment, we help your people have fun AND develop their communication and leadership skills.

It’s team building and learning and development fused together!

Let Step into Your Moxie create a one-of-a-kind team building event for your people!


Team Building Events

Improv for Team Building

Actor and comedian Scott Adsit once said, “The rules of improvisation apply beautifully to life… You have to be interested to be interesting, and your job is to support your partners.”

Improv is a great way to deepen a team’s connection, practice communicating through challenges, and it gives coworkers a variety of wild, zany contexts to practice generating and developing original ideas.

Through interactive improv exercises, experiential role play, provocative discussion, and the opportunity to rapid-prototype (and pitch!) new products and services, participants boost their communication confidence, increase their ability to innovate, and learn to bring a “Yes, And” attitude to the myriad challenges and constraints they face.

TED-Style Speaking Events

Are your employees doing incredible work that other people throughout your company and in your industry or local community should hear about?

Do you have employees with impressive extracurricular passions that they would love to share with their colleagues?

If your answer to either question is yes, imagine if your employees had the opportunity to develop short, TED-style talks so they could share their big “ideas worth spreading?”

We can help your company organize a TED-style speaking event. From identifying employees to speak, to coaching each employee to develop and rehearse their unique talk, to organizing and hosting the event, we can help you develop a great employee recognition and team building event that advances your company’s and employees’ thought leadership.

Team Building Events
Team Building Events

Devising Theatre

Devising theatre, which is the process of creating an original performance without a pre-existing script, has numerous benefits whether it’s facilitated for educational, community, or traditional corporate organizations.

It gives your employees a unique opportunity to collaborate and give voice to the ideas and issues they are passionate about, minimizes perfectionism, and rewards experimentation and creativity.

Best led as a multi-day event, first, we will help your participants use improv and role-play to begin using their voices and bodies to speak up safely about topics they care deeply about.

Then, once we hone in on a theme of interest to the group, will we use a range of creative arts modalities such as narrative writing, movement, tableau, song, and the visual arts to shape an original theatre piece that showcases the voices, ideas, and contributions of the entire group.

Employees will perform their final piece for fellow employees, clients, or a selected community group (depending on your goals). Most important, they will emerge more cohesive and creative as coworkers, able to bring their vocal empowerment to a range of future work and leadership opportunities.

Your Next Steps

1. Submit an interest form.

2. We assess your team building needs and present our recommendations.

3. Boost employee morale and cohesion, and develop important skills.

“Thank you, Alexia, for the wonderful day you led for us. Our participants from around the globe loved your keynote and the opportunities to role play and use improv to find their voices in tricky situations. We look forward to having you back.”