Speak Up and Influence
The Signature Vocal Empowerment Training of Step into Your Moxie

Every time an employee fails to speak up in the workplace, it costs a company $7,500 USD, according to Crucial Learning.

Imagine how much money your company would save and how much better your people would feel if every employee, from entry-level to executive, could speak up and influence.

Speak Up and Influence

What is Speak Up and Influence?

Step into Your Moxie is a certified woman-owned and disability-owned business that excels at showing executives, business leaders, and consultants how to speak up and influence – particularly during high-stakes conversations, presentations, and in written communication.

The signature training from Step into Your Moxie, Speak Up and Influence shows participants how to strengthen their inner and outer voice so that they can speak up for themselves and the ideas and issues that matter most to your company. 

Through a mix of coaching, training, improvisation, real-world simulation, provocative conversations, and actionable communication templates, participants develop the mindset, skillset, and habits to speak with power and impact and move people to act on their ideas whenever they speak.

During Speak Up and Influence, participants will:

  • Navigate real and self-imposed barriers to speaking and leadership presence

  • Compile and practice using words, phrases, and gestures that heighten persuasiveness and demonstrate personal leadership

  • Develop key presentation skills including storytelling, creating a compelling persuasive case, vocal variety, business humor, and making scientific and factual information come to life

  • Practice calling people to take action on their ideas, products, and services in low and high-stakes speaking situations (e.g., team meetings, product or project pitches, or negotiations)

Rooted in hands-on practice, the Speak Up and Influence communication training program ensures that, by the end of the program, participants can walk into any room, conversation, or onto any stage and speak up for themselves, their company’s important ideas, and call people to take action.

Who is Speak Up and Influence designed for?

Depending on your goals, the 2-day Speak Up and Influence experiential training program can be led for (or within):

The holistic curriculum focuses on setting participants up for multi-layered success. Through mastering their own self-leadership and practicing the nuanced skills of high-impact interpersonal communication, persuasion, and negotiation, program participants dive deep into their own thinking and behavioral patterns and role-play different types of relevant communication and leadership scenarios.

Participants emerge more cohesive as co-workers and able to bring their new learning and habits to their roles within your company or organization.

During Speak Up and Influence, participants will: 

  • Discover how to present themselves as likable, credible, and trustworthy in verbal, nonverbal, and video communication

  • Develop tools to manage fear and self-defeating thoughts that emerge in connection with communicating their ideas to team members, clients, and colleagues

  • Weed out vocalized thinking, diminishing words and phrases, and find their authentic leadership style for influence

  • Possess a clear understanding of their speaking style and leverage it when speaking to more senior leaders, colleagues, clients, and important stakeholders

  • Cultivate the ability to address impromptu questions and challenges, and be flexible, charismatic, and on message when unanticipated questions emerge

  • Discover the top gender components of how presence and leadership are viewed in women and men – and develop actionable tools to navigate experiences of overt and unconscious gender bias

  • Master the ability to listen keenly to what is and isn’t being said in high-stakes communication moments, how to make others feel seen and validated when conflict emerges, and learn how to heal from negative feedback experiences

  • Utilize a coaching conversation framework in feedback conversations as both the giver and receiver

  • Explore how to transition from a fixed or growth mindset to an innovation mindset – and uncover how doing so allows them to use communication to solve problems and sell timely solutions

What makes Speak Up and Influence different than other communication training programs?

The Step into Your Moxie® vocal empowerment system is at the root of our Speak Up and Influence training program. While many communication development programs look at confidence, presence, and what to say in various communication contexts, Speak Up and Influence supports participants in holistically developing their inner and outer voices.

Participants leave Speak Up and Influence not only understanding what they are supposed to say but also with the ability to navigate through the discomfort that often arises during high-stakes speaking situations.

Our training is also trauma-sensitive. At Step into Your Moxie, we understand that little “t” and big “T” traumas shape people’s relationships with their voices and can contribute to discomfort when they attempt to speak up and influence. All of our facilitators are trauma-sensitive—which means they are trained to create a learning environment that allows everyone to thrive, regardless of their trauma experience—and they can help participants identify how trauma may be showing up in their communication. 

At Step into Your Moxie, we center and elevate people with marginalized identities – and support participants to do the same by fusing social justice with self-empowerment. We are committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion and to creating safety and belonging for people from all backgrounds. This includes women and gender minorities, people of color, members of the LGBTQIA+ community, people with disabilities, and people recovering from trauma and living with chronic illnesses.

It’s important to mention that Speak Up and Influence training is really, really fun! We give participants the opportunity to use improv, role play, and other experiential activities to practice and solidify their communication skills. Participants are consistently up on their feet developing the mindset, behaviors, and habits to speak up and influence.

Why are role-play and improv important to communication and leadership development?

For most people, navigating conversations where there is the possibility of disagreement or conflict is uncomfortable. And yet, shifting conversations from difficult to daring is one of the most important skills a person can possess, especially to improve communication and leadership development—and a necessary skill they will learn during Speak Up and Influence. 

Speak Up and Influence supports participants in developing the self-awareness and tools to avoid staying silent, ruminating, or winging high-stakes conversations. Through improv and role play, participants practice a range of daring conversations including giving feedback, presenting a new idea, or negotiating an opportunity.

Improv and role-play are great ways to practice communication because they require participants to listen, think quickly, and speak up,  and this improves all forms of communication.

Improv and role-play skills also lead to improved collaboration and problem-solving abilities. They are essential components of leadership development because they teach individuals how to respond to unexpected situations and make decisions under pressure, which are crucial skills for leaders facing unforeseen challenges.

Improv and role-play scenarios often require leaders to step into the shoes of others, such as team members or customers, to understand their perspectives and needs. This fosters empathy and enhances emotional intelligence, which are vital qualities for effective leadership. Leaders who can empathize with their team members are more likely to build trust and rapport.

What industries can benefit from Speak Up and Influence training?

Speak Up and Influence training is applicable across disciplines and sectors. Here’s a look at some of the industries where Speak Up and Influence has been led.


During Speak Up and Influence, engineers, scientists, and other innovators learn how to center the voices of customers (or employees) in the creation and development of unique and effective solutions, boost their communication skills, and increase their ability to innovate irrespective of the constraints they face. Speak Up and Influence’s improv and role-playing activities help to accelerate idea generation, ward off perfectionism and groupthink, and heighten vocal empowerment.


Poor communication is one of the greatest contributors to sentinel events in healthcare, negative patient reviews, employee turnover, and burnout. Speak Up and Influence can support your medical practice or healthcare organization to better develop and retain employees, minimize conflict and crisis communication, and ensure your physicians and healthcare leaders are first in line for visibility and thought leadership opportunities.


In an industry where sales and customer experience are key, Speak Up and Influence can show your staff how to address challenges by staying flexible, listener-centered, and on message. Participants will learn to use words, phrases, and gestures that heighten persuasiveness, engage in self-talk that supports moving people to take action, and overcome people’s resistance by speaking to their pain points and personal motivators.


Teachers, administrators, and support staff will discover the 5 components of vocal empowerment, learn how to use improv, role play, design thinking, and devised thinking to amplify students’ voices, explore the benefits of project-based learning (PBL), and identify opportunities to infuse curriculum with meaningful vocal empowerment experiences.

Professional Services

Speak Up and Influence can support employees in financial or legal services, consulting, and other professional services fields to communicate with clarity, confidence, competence, and compassion, create more equitable workplaces where everyone can safely speak up and contribute their ideas, and heighten presentation skills for speaking and leadership opportunities.

Speak Up and Influence has been led by Step into Your Moxie and our certified facilitators in organizations including but by no means limited to: 

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)

  • Aristocrat Technologies

  • Google

  • Kaiser Permanente

  • Microsoft


  • UPMC

  • Secondary schools, colleges, and universities

Do you certify leaders or trainers to lead Speak Up and Influence?


Companies can sponsor their employees to go through the Step into Your Moxie’s Certification program so they can teach the Speak Up and Influence training curriculum. Step into Your Moxie can also certify a group of employees on-site at your company.

Step into Your Moxie® Certification is designed for coaches, trainers, HR professionals, helping practitioners, and business and community leaders who want to develop the mindset, skillset, and experiential, plug-and-play curriculum to help people find their voice and develop the confidence to use it.

Step into Your Moxie® Certification gives those who go through the program a proven system, rooted in role play, and facilitation mastery to show clients and employees how to grow their voices by using their voices.

The result? Participants leave Certification empowered to lead their own Step into Your Moxie® experiences that show people how to cultivate vocal empowerment.

How Step into Your Moxie Can Help Your Organization

Step into Your Moxie can be your partner to bring Speak Up and Influence to your company and organization. 

Step into Your Moxie Founder and CEO, Alexia Vernon, excels at supporting executives, entrepreneurs, and their teams to level up their speaking and call people to take action. 

As a public speaker, she has delivered transformational keynotes and programs for Fortune 500 (and multiple Fortune 10) companies, healthcare and educational institutions, nonprofit organizations, professional associations, and the United Nations. 

To learn more about our Speak Up and Influence and our robust communication and leadership training and team-building experiences, including our Fractional Chief Learning Officer program, reach out to us. We would love to be your partner in ensuring every employee can speak up for your organization and move people to take action whenever they speak.