Your company doesn’t need an "expert" telling its leaders what to SAY OR do.

But… what if your executives and key leaders had the strategy and support to show up each day and present as the confident, competent, and convincing communicators your organization needs them to be?

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Who It’s For:

Executives, Senior Leaders, and Their Teams

While presentation and media skills, executive presence, delivering a persuasive case, giving and receiving feedback, telling evocative stories, and calling people to take action are some of the most important skills for leadership success, few organizations are consistently investing in their top leaders’ communication skills.

What if every member of your C-Suite and senior leadership team had the ability to unapologetically speak up for the ideas and issues that matter most to your organization?

What if your organization’s leaders could develop the confidence and skills to master their high-stakes presentations and critical conversations?

What if your company’s leaders were regularly speaking on panels, podcasts, or at prestigious conferences and industry events?

And what if your organization had an actionable executive communications plan, plus ongoing access to coaches, trainers, messaging strategists, copywriters (and, if desired, a Fractional Chief Communications or Chief Learning Officer), to ensure your C-suite and senior leaders actualized that plan?

From heightening speaking, media and executive presence, to telling powerful stories and overcoming objections, to navigating conflict and crisis communication, to co-creating dynamic messaging and establishing thought leadership, our executive communication retainers can support your company’s executives and/or key leaders and teams to access deep speaking and writing communication support from Step into Your Moxie each month.

Plus, we can provide compelling Step into Your Moxie® Certified speakers for internal and client appreciation events or design and host a TED-style speaking event to showcase your organization’s thought leadership.

*Executive Communication Retainers begin at $3500/quarter and require a 6-month initial commitment. 

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“Everything about Alexia’s facilitation style knocked my socks off, but what stands out most is her innate ability to meet each person exactly where she is and gently move her toward achieving her goals. Companies who participate in her programs will gain employees who are better speakers, better coaches, better negotiators, and better leaders – able to grow the potential of others in their organization.”
Lynn Barboza
Former HR Manager, City of Las Vegas



Who It’s For:

Senior Business Leaders, Managers, Sales Professionals, Female Leaders, and R&D, Innovation, DEI, and Other Critical Teams

In the 2-day, in-person or virtual program, participants will strengthen their inner and outer voice so that they can speak up for themselves and the ideas and issues that matter most to your company. Through a mix of coaching, training, improvisation, real-world simulation, provocative conversations, and actionable communication templates, participants develop the mindset, skill set, and habits to speak with power and impact and move people to take action on their ideas whenever they speak.

The holistic curriculum focuses on setting participants up for multi-layered success. Through mastering their own self-leadership and practicing the nuanced skills of high-impact interpersonal communication, persuasion, and negotiation, program participants dive deep into their own thinking and behavioral patterns and role play different types of relevant communication and leadership scenarios. They emerge more cohesive as co-workers and eager to bring their new learning and habits to their roles within your company.

Top takeaways include:

  • Navigate real and self-imposed barriers to speaking and leadership presence
  • Compile and practice using words, phrases, and gestures that heighten persuasiveness and demonstrate personal leadership
  • Develop key presentation skills including storytelling, creating a compelling persuasive case, vocal variety, business humor, and making scientific/factual information come to life
  • Practice calling people to take action on your ideas, products, and services in low and high stakes speaking situations (e.g., team meetings, product or project pitches, or negotiations)
  • Discover how to present yourself as likable, credible, and trustworthy in verbal, nonverbal, and video communication
  • Develop tools to manage fear and self-defeating thoughts that emerge in connection with communicating your ideas to team members, clients, and colleagues
  • Weed out vocalized thinking, diminishing words and phrases, and find your authentic leadership style for influence
  • Possess a clear understanding of your speaking style and leverage it when speaking to more senior leaders, colleagues, clients, and important stakeholders
  • Cultivate the ability to address impromptu questions and challenges, and be flexible, charismatic, and on message when unanticipated questions emerge
  • Discover the top gender components of how presence and leadership are viewed in women and men – and develop actionable tools to navigate experiences of overt and unconscious gender bias
  • Master the ability to listen keenly to what is and isn’t being said in high-stakes communication moments, how to make others feel seen and validated when conflict emerges, and learn how to heal from negative feedback experiences
  • Utilize a coaching conversation framework in feedback conversations as both the giver and receiver
  • Explore how to transition from a fixed or growth mindset to an innovation mindset – and uncover how doing so allows you to use communication to solve problems and sell timely solutions

Depending on your goals, Speak Up and Influence can be adapted for:

Executive Teams

Departmental or Emerging Leader Training

Teambuilding Experiences

Presentation Skills or Pitch Preparation

Patient Safety and Healthcare Staff Retention

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs)

Innovation Accelerators

Women’s Leadership Intensives

Employee Engagement and Wellbeing Initiatives

“As someone who has done frequent public speaking throughout the course of my career, I have never been intimidated by the idea of public speaking, but Alexia enabled me to up my game and was also great support for many leaders in our organization. She gave me a framework to organize my thoughts and the freedom to adapt her lessons to my own style and needs. I highly recommend Alexia's programs and coaching if you're looking to unlock your own potential or the potential of others. Your expectations will be exceeded!”
Rebecca Weaver
Founder and CEO, HRuprise


Who It’s For:

Women Leaders and High-Potential Women Across Your Organization

There is abundant evidence that companies with multiple women in senior leadership and board positions are more successful than those with mainly men. However, in the wake of movements like Me Too and Time’s Up, it’s tempting for companies to make preventing sexual misconduct a top priority. While this is not wrong, it can place more emphasis on women’s protection than women’s empowerment and companies cannot achieve the former without the latter.

What if your company focused on creating (or shoring up) a workplace culture that develops and champions its high potential women?

What would be the impact if your organization established a robust pipeline of skilled and confident women leaders who were ready, as opportunities arose, to move your company forward?

If your company is not championing women to lead and live into their highest potential as leaders, your emerging women leaders are probably not advancing within your organization the way they and you want.

This is simple to rectify. Your high potential women can immediately amplify their communication and leadership skills, and you don’t have to send them off-site to do it.

We offer a yearlong women’s leadership experience, just for your high potential women, where they will receive hands-on, practical, holistic leadership skill development that translates into real-world application.

Plus, we can help you create and execute a Corporate Gender Responsibility™ (CGR) plan. (CGR is a company’s ability to create and sustain a culture and brand that protects and empowers employees, board members, customers, and community members of all gender identities.) Organizations committed to CGR look at women and non-binary employees’ experiences and how to improve them from recruitment, hiring, and onboarding through management, ongoing development, and advancement.

“Alexia’s program gave me practical ways to be a good leader to the teams I lead. She makes the learning environment comfortable, fun, and interactive. Companies sponsoring employees will benefit by gaining stronger managers who lead productive and happy teams.”
Carissa Begonia
Former Head of Diversity & Inclusion, Zappos


Who It’s For: Executives, Senior Business Leaders, Talent Development and HR Leaders, and Staff Throughout a Company

Many organizations have diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) plans and training. Yet too many employees don’t know how to show up as allies for employees with marginalized identities without centering their own voices and experiences in conversations and advocacy. Allyship, the practice of using one’s voice, power, and collective influence to draw attention to and address the needs of one or more oppressed groups, is the key to creating safety, belonging, and dignity for all employees.

Depending on your company’s existing programs and resources, we can support the creation of allyship in the workplace by:

*We partner with an international network of diverse consultants to lead dynamic, experiential virtual and in-person micro-training that brings awareness and understanding of the unmet needs of marginalized employee groups.

Are you a coach, consultant, or trainer looking to grow your business, increase your visibility, and make more positive impact with your clients and in the world?